Grades2Go™ Desktop
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Grades2Go™ Mobile for Android

Grades2Go™ Android Sync
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Grades2Go™ Desktop for Windows Grades2Go™ Android Sync Grades2Go™ Mobile for Android

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Much more than a teacher gradebook and attendance program, Grades2Go™ is a sophisticated database manager designed specifically for the demanding professional needs of you the teacher rather than the convenience of school administrators and parents.  It consists of three free-to-download and easy-to-install software components: Grades2Go™ Desktop for Windows, Grades2Go™ Mobile for Android, and Grades2Go™ Android Sync.

Grades2Go™ Desktop can be used by itself, but with the addition of an Android smartphone/tablet running the Grades2Go™ Mobile for Android app, almost all your data becomes totally portable!  Grades2Go™ Android Sync handles data synchronization via Bluetooth, WiFi, or a USB hardwire connection.  Because an internet connection isn’t needed, Grades2Go™ Mobile for Android works anywhere, 24/7, without the dead-zone frustrations of web-based apps.

Grades2Go™ Teacher’s Data Platform

Why Grades2Go™ instead of a web-based program?

Grades2Go™ stores and processes all of your data locally, right on your Windows computer or your Android smartphone/tablet.  In contrast, web-based programs store and process your data on their remote servers (the cloud), so your data constantly moves back and forth between your device and the cloud. This key difference gives Grades2Go™ significant advantages:

No internet connection dependence

Except during setup and updates, Grades2Go™ doesn’t need an internet connection. Web-based programs and apps are generally useless in internet dead-zone situations.  Try entering grades on a plane flight!


Grades2Go™ data entry and screen refresh speeds are almost instant.  Web programs are usually sluggish-as-molasses by comparison.

Richer features

Because of  the tremendous local processing power of your computer and Android device, Grades2Go™ can provide lots of sophisticated features within friendly user interfaces. Web programs get slower and more cumbersome as more features are included.

Accessible data format

Grades2Go™ data files are standard-format (Access® and SQL) and user-accessible.  Files are compatible with many third-party database programs for further data analysis or presentation. Grades2Go™ data is 100% yours, forever. Web-based services offer limited accessibility and data downloads, if any.  Ownership, security and longevity of your data is questionable … and if you don’t pay your bill, your accumulated data can disappear completely!


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