Grades2Go™ Mobile

Grades2Go™ Mobile for Android is a companion mobile app for Grades2Go™ Desktop.  It runs on smart devices running Google’s Android™ operating system.

Grades2Go™ Mobile displays virtually all Grades2Go™ Desktop data on your mobile device so that your gradebook, attendance data and entire task archives are viewable and editable 24/7.  Data are synchronized manually via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB via Grades2Go™ Android Sync, our free Windows application.  Internet and mobile data are not required for normal operation – a real advantage when connectivity is less than ideal!  

When you first open Grades2Go™ Mobile, you’ll be able to download Sandbox data from our website, which will allow you to explore all features for as long as you want.  Note that tapping on the Help menu item in any screen will put you into Help mode, during which a tap on any screen element will bring up a functional description — ensuring a fast learning curve!

IMPORTANT: Grades2Go™ Desktop installation is required in order to set up your own school, section, and student roster data.  These cannot be done on Grades2Go™ Mobile alone.  To perform synchronization, you’ll also need Grades2Go™ Android Sync.  Download both from Grades2Go™ Products.  Synchronization of your main data will be the download direction only (PC to device) until you purchase an inexpensive Mobile Activation Code subscription (1 or 2-YR).  Sandbox data synchronization is bidirectional and unlimited, even without a Code.


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