Grades2Go™ Android Sync for Windows
desktop-mobile synchronization manager

Grades2Go™ Android Sync is a free Windows application that synchronizes data between Grades2Go™ Mobile for Android and Grades2Go™ Desktop. It detects modified data on either the mobile device or the desktop and updates the other, ensuring that identical data exists on each. Synchronization is performed via USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth.  Both main and sandbox data can be synchronized, with the user given the option of synchronizing either or both sets of data at the start of each sync session.  

The behavior of Grades2Go™ Android Sync is affected by whether or not the connected Android device has a valid Mobile Activation Code (entered via Grades2Go™ Desktop). If the Code is absent or expired, main data synchronization ccan only be performed in the desktop-to-mobile direction, with existing Grades2Go™ Desktop data overwriting Grades2Go™ Mobile data; new mobile edits are ignored.  Sandbox data synchronization needs no Code and always synchronizes bidirectionally.  

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