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POYNTERRA TREKKER - Navigation and Waypoint Management Without Internet

NEWTON (MA), January 23, 2023 – Mindspark Inc announces Poynterra Trekker, a unique navigation and waypoint management app that can function without internet or cellphone network connections (i.e., it works in airplane mode). It is available as a free download from Google Play (Android) and Apple App Store (iOS). This free download has a number of feature limitations that are easily removed with a low-cost, one-time in-app purchase.         

Poynterra Trekker fills a glaring need for a navigation app with the following features:

  • minimal power consumption
  • reliable navigation even when network connections and internet are completely unavailable (consider that in 2017, the National Park Service performed more than 3400 searches-and-rescues)
  • quick and easy saving of GPS locations without requiring a network connection
  • comprehensive waypoint and folder management tools

By addressing these shortcomings successfully, Poynterra Trekker becomes a must-have app for trekkers, hikers, bikers, boaters, cruisers and sightseers. Battery anxiety is minimized, network strength is irrelevant, GPS locations can be easily saved to folders, and prepared folders of key navigation waypoints can be effortlessly installed before setting out on treks and trips. Mindspark Inc also offers Poynterra Collections, ready-to-install folders of curated waypoints, as in-app downloads.

For complete information on Poynterra Trekker, please visit Poynterra Trekker at Mindspark Inc.

About Mindspark Inc

Mindspark Inc is committed to developing, marketing and promoting sensible technology that has a clean design, functions with minimal need for internet connectivity, is energy-efficient and powerable by renewable sources, respects the privacy of personal data, and enhances self-sufficiency. 


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