Mindspark Inc



Mindspark Inc is committed to developing, marketing and promoting sensible technology that:

  • has a clean design avoiding superfluous bells and whistles
  • functions with minimal need for internet connectivity
  • is energy-efficient and can be powered by renewable sources
  • respects the privacy of personal data
  • enhances personal and technological self-sufficiency and wellbeing 

Designer and CEO

Andris Vizulis

  • BS Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan
  • MS Bioengineering, University of Michigan
  • Humphrey Products, Kalamazoo MI (electro-pneumatic devices)
  • Gelman Instruments, Ann Arbor MI (biotech instrumentation)
  • Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA (custom research instrumentation)
  • Environics Adaptive Technology, Newton MA (test instrumentation)
  • Mindspark Inc, Newton MA (industrial automation, custom hardware/software, apps)
  • analog/digital hardware design
  • small-scale robotics
  • hardware/software UI design
  • Android/iOS app design
  • Visual Studio, C++, Java, Python, B4X
  • Database design
  • Cloud integration
  • Creating. Anything.
  • World travel (especially Asia)
  • Wandering anywhere with Poynterra Trekker
  • EV’s (Tesla Model 3 and FSD Beta)
  • Rocketry (SpaceX)
  • AI and the future of our workforce
  • Musical instruments (guitar, violin)
  • Shortwave radios
  • Lake kayaking (Oru kayak)
  • Read my Substack (Mumbling Old Man)!

Contact Us

Please contact us at info@mindsparkinc.com with questions about any of our products, or about partnering with us to create your own Poynterra Collections.

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